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Decorating your home with this one-of-a-kind artwork allows you to celebrate your child every day.





"I love the individual images of the kids as Kamini captured their personalities in an incredible way. Each is so unique and finding that in the portraits just blows me away."

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Black & white image of child holding basketball displayed on brick wall
Laurie Hawkins
Portait of 3 children with black background
"For me, Silent Poetry has redefined the concept of what a personal portrait can be, and what a photographer can do. Kamini has proven time and again that the right portrait can be an heirloom, and is something that can be valued and enjoyed for years."
Chris Webb
professional birthday portrait of little girl with blue balloons
Demonstration front cover of professional photo album



"I love working with Kamini.

She is the most patient photographer to work with and is wonderful with kids."

Lynn Grushka
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"I can literally watch myself growing up looking back on my portraits."


"Each portrait is so unique & will be cherished forever. They are a focal point in our house on display & everyone who sees them agrees that you have an incredible skill of bringing out the best in people."

Yvette Helwig

"Kamini was so much fun to work with.  She has really unique ideas and made me feel very comfortable and special.  She also encouraged me to have fun and let me be me!"

Professional portrait collage of little girl in rainbow dress
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Phone Call

Design the Experience

Portrait Session

"Big Reveal"


Conversation and connection
Share your ideas, dreams and values.
This is where the magic happens!
Your child's story on the big screen
Heirlooms to treasure for generations



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Life can change so quickly, and this is most true for children.

We think that we will remember all those little moments. They are so special, as they happen. How could we possibly forget? But we do.


Time moves at a lightning pace and our minds are filled with tasks, commitments and deadlines. Before we know it, babies become toddlers, toddlers turn into big kids, big kids into tweens and tweens into teens.

Don't let your child's moments be lost to time.

Portrait of young woman in gold frame on wall
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